Good Choices at Home

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Here are some high protein, low calorie choices at home.

Eggs: boiled, salad, deviled, scrambled, bites (some wls patients have problems with eggs so proceed with caution)
  • I like to keep boiled eggs in the fridge so I'm not caught off guard when running late.
Turkey and Chicken -
  • Frozen Fully Cooked Chicken heats up in the microwave in 2 minutes.  These are my fave at 110 calories and 24 g protein.  3-4 ounces 
beef/ steak
Greek yogurt:

  • My favorite is the 4 pack of 4 ounce containers of the honey flavor by Oikos (Stonyfield Farms Organic).  4 ounes is just the right amount for me.  90 calories and 10 g protein.

Cottage Cheese:  The best I have found.  I get the 2%.
Ricotta Cheese
Light Laughing Cow Cheese -
  • Blue Cheese and Queso Fresco are my faves.  35 calories and 2 g protein
Cheese sticks and cheese wheels -
Veggie Patties
shrimp, fish
burgers, roast

  • I like to buy the microwavable cups of chili for when I don't have some in the freezer or get caught at work without a good wls option.

lentils: like in lentil stew
quinoa: good recipe for quinoa.
frozen fish: